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    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      Merge pull request #125 from kbrenneman/ppc64le-convert-lq-stq · 5ff90a15
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      Convert lq/stq instructions
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      Convert lq/stq instructions · 345b4c54
      Ben Crocker authored and Kyle Brenneman's avatar Kyle Brenneman committed
      The Power8 spec allows for implementations to implement the 128-bit
      lq/stq instructions in ways that perform much slower than the
      equivalent pairs of ld/std instructions; So, convert lq/stq
      to their equivalent ld/std pairs.
      From section 3.3.4 in the PowerISA v.30B spec:
      The lq and stq instructions exist primarily to permit software to access
      quadwords in storage "atomically"; see Section 1.4 of Book II. Because GPRs
      are 64 bits long, the Fixed-Point Facility on many designs is optimized for
      storage accesses of at most eight bytes. On such designs, the quadword
      atomicity required for lq and stq makes these instructions complex to
      implement, with the result that the instructions may perform less well on these
      designs than the corresponding two Load Doubleword or Store Doubleword
      Signed-off-by: Ben Crocker's avatarBen Crocker <bcrocker@redhat.com>
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      GLdispatch aarch64: Align the dispatch stubs to a 64K page size. · cfce0c87
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      On aarch64, the page size can be as large as 64K, so align the dispatch stubs
      to a 64K boundary instead of 4K.
    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      GLdispatch: Clean up the assembly dispatch code. · aca30d2c
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      Made the names for macros and common variables more consistent.
      Added a GLDISPATCH_PAGE_SIZE macro to specify the page size that it uses to
      align the dispatch stubs. This value can be overridden at configure time, so a
      later change could allow the configure script to figure out the page size on
      architectures where it could vary.
      This is all formatting changes, so there should be no functional difference.
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  11. 20 Jun, 2017 2 commits
    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      GL: Use a table to look up core GLX functions. (#127) · d850cdde
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      libGL.so now looks up the GLX core functions using a simple table, so that it
      doesn't have the overhead of looking them up by name every time it's loaded.
      Removed the (mutex != NULL) checks from __glXGLLoadGLXFunction, since it's no
      longer called without a mutex.
      Removed __glXWrapperInit, since it doesn't do anything anymore. Also removed the header file libgl.h, which only contained the declaration for __glXWrapperInit.
    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      EGL: Allow vendor libraries to identify platforms for eglGetDisplay. (#124) · 71226b01
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      EGL: Allow vendor libraries to identify platforms for eglGetDisplay.
      Add a new optional function __EGLapiImports::findNativeDisplayPlatform. Vendor
      libraries can provide that function to identify the platform for the native
      display passed to eglGetDisplay.
      Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov's avatarEmil Velikov <emil.velikov@collabora.com>
  12. 13 Jun, 2017 2 commits
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      configure: Remove AC_PROG_CXX. · 7751d668
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      Libglvnd doesn't use C++ anywhere, so it doesn't need the C++ compiler.
    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      PPC64LE: Fix the cache clear instructions. · 8b4f6aeb
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      Change the cache clear instructions for generated PPC64LE code so that it uses
      an input variable instead of an output variable.
      With an output variable, it doesn't use the correct address for the dcbst and
      icbi instructions, possibly causing it to crash.
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      Update the README file. · 4ef975ca
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      Fix a few sections in the README file that are incorrect or out of date.
      Expand the dispatching explanation to describe libGLdispatch and libEGL.
  19. 10 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      GLdispatch: Remove the ".syntax divided" directive for ARMv7. · 83b17fde
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      The ".syntax divided" directive causes build errors some compilers.
      The error is because the compiler apparently generates unified syntax by
      default and expects inline assembly to use unified syntax, and so just
      generates a single ".syntax unified" directive at the top.  The ".syntax
      divided" directive then causes problems, because the compiler still generates
      unified syntax for the rest of the C code in the file.
      As far as I can tell, newer versions of gcc will expect inline assembly to use
      divided syntax, and they generate the necessary .syntax directives to cope with
      switching to unified syntax in inline assembly.