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    Add support for reporting application errors. · e2d44985
    Kyle Brenneman authored
    The libglvnd libraries will now check for a new environment variable,
    __GLVND_APP_ERROR_CHECKING. If it's set to a non-zero value, then libglvnd will
    check for and report some application errors.
    Many non-libglvnd implementations of libGL.so have been fairly tolerant of
    certain application bugs. Libglvnd has to be similarly tolerant to support
    existing apps that the developers can't or won't fix.
    The new __GLVND_APP_ERROR_CHECKING provides a way to check for some of those
    errors, so that hopefully there will be fewer broken apps in the future.
    In addition to the setting itself, this updates the no-op stubs in
    libGLdispatch to report an error when the app tries to call an OpenGL function
    without a current context. Later changes will likely add other error checks.