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    libGLdispatch: Add a TSD key for the current context. · d39c4006
    Kyle Brenneman authored
    Add a glvnd_key_t key to GLdispatch.c to hold the current API state.
    __glDispatchGetCurrentAPIState and __glDispatchGetCurrentContext are now normal
    exported functions instead of wrappers around _glapi_get_current.
    Removed _glapi_get_current, _glapi_set_current, _glapi_get_context,
    _glapi_set_context, and their associated functions in u_current.c.
    Removed the U_CURRENT_* constants and replaced them with the corresponding
    GLAPI_CURRENT_* constants.
    Removed the GLAPI_CURRENT_* enums except for GLAPI_CURRENT_DISPATCH.