Commit 46b7582b authored by jonsmirl's avatar jonsmirl
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Makefile the makefile really clean everything

XFree86 bug:
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parent c085b9f4
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ SHAREDSRC = $(DRMSHARED) $(MGASHARED) $(R128SHARED) $(RADEONSHARED) \
PROGS = dristat drmstat
CLEANFILES = *.o *.ko $(PROGS) .depend .*.flags .*.d .*.cmd
CLEANFILES = *.o *.ko $(PROGS) .depend .*.flags .*.d .*.cmd *.mod.c linux
# VERSION is not defined from the initial invocation. It is defined when
# this Makefile is invoked from the kernel's root Makefile.
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