Commit 2ce24e60 authored by idr's avatar idr
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Build fix. r200_maos_vbtmp.h was removed from the Mesa tree, so it

needs to be removed from the as well.
parent a2070dbd
......@@ -170,7 +170,6 @@ LinkSourceFile(r200_lock.c, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
LinkSourceFile(r200_lock.h, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
LinkSourceFile(r200_maos.c, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
LinkSourceFile(r200_maos.h, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
LinkSourceFile(r200_maos_vbtmp.h, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
LinkSourceFile(r200_pixel.c, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
LinkSourceFile(r200_pixel.h, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
LinkSourceFile(r200_reg.h, $(MESADRVSRCDIR)/r200)
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