Commit 34724d6e authored by Dave Airlie's avatar Dave Airlie

r600/sfn: add some unsigned alu instructions

parent c5a3d9c5
......@@ -60,6 +60,10 @@ bool EmitAluInstruction::do_emit(nir_instr* ir)
case nir_op_ineg: return emit_alu_ineg(instr);
case nir_op_idiv: return emit_alu_idiv(instr);
case nir_op_uge: return emit_alu_op2_int(op2_setge_uint, instr);
case nir_op_ult: return emit_alu_op2_int(op2_setgt_uint, instr, op2_opt_reverse);
case nir_op_ushr: return emit_alu_op2_int(op2_lshr_int, instr);
case nir_op_flt: return emit_alu_op2(op2_setgt_dx10, instr, op2_opt_reverse);
case nir_op_fge: return emit_alu_op2(op2_setge_dx10, instr);
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