Commit a0e3e55c authored by Dave Airlie's avatar Dave Airlie Committed by Dave Airlie
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ac/nir: only change the image dim from 3d -> 2d array on gfx9

parent 6422fa75
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......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ get_ac_image_dim(const struct ac_llvm_context *ctx, enum glsl_sampler_dim sdim,
enum ac_image_dim dim = get_ac_sampler_dim(ctx, sdim, is_array);
if (dim == ac_image_cube ||
(ctx->chip_class <= GFX8 && dim == ac_image_3d))
(ctx->chip_class != GFX9 && dim == ac_image_3d))
dim = ac_image_2darray;
return dim;
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