Commit f1790339 authored by Jon Turney's avatar Jon Turney
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tests: Always separate rendercheck -f and -o options with a space

parent fee147d7
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ piglit_env = environment()
piglit_env.set('XSERVER_DIR', meson.source_root())
piglit_env.set('XSERVER_BUILDDIR', meson.build_root())
some_ops = '-o clear,src,dst,over,xor,disjointover'
some_ops = ' -o clear,src,dst,over,xor,disjointover'
rendercheck_tests = [
['blend/All/a8r8g8b8', '-t blend -f a8r8g8b8'],
['blend/All/x8r8g8b8', '-t blend -f a8r8g8b8,x8r8g8b8'],
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ rendercheck_tests = [
['blend/Clear', '-t blend -o clear'],
['blend/Src', '-t blend -o src'],
['blend/Over', '-t blend -o over'],
['composite/Some/a8r8g8b8', '-t composite -f a8r8g8b8 ' + some_ops],
['composite/Some/a8r8g8b8', '-t composite -f a8r8g8b8' + some_ops],
['composite/Some/x8r8g8b8', '-t composite -f a8r8g8b8,x8r8g8b8' + some_ops],
['composite/Some/a2r10g10b10', '-t composite -f a8r8g8b8,a2r10g10b10' + some_ops],
['ca composite/Some/a8r8g8b8', '-t cacomposite -f a8r8g8b8' + some_ops],
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