Commit 30369c63 authored by Emma Anholt's avatar Emma Anholt
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gitlab-ci: Add a note about where to manage your containers.

Michel noted that I could do this instead of bumping the tag as I
developed, so leave that note for the next person.
Signed-off-by: Emma Anholt's avatarEric Anholt <>
parent 164a37ea
......@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@
# After merging a change resulting in generating a new image to the main
# repository, it's recommended to remove the image from the source repository's
# container registry, so that the image from the main repository's registry
# will be used there as well.
# will be used there as well. You can manage your images on your fork of:
UPSTREAM_REPO: xorg/xserver
DEBIAN_VERSION: testing-slim
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