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    Add Windows-DRI extension · f5f4d32a
    Jon Turney authored
    If windowsdriproto headers are available, build a Windows-DRI extension,
    which supports requests to enable local clients to directly render GL to a
    Windows drawable:
    - a query to check if WGL is being used on a screen
    - a query to map a fbconfigID to a native pixelformatindex
    - a query to map a drawable to a native handle
    Windows-DRI can only be useful if we are using WGL, so make an note if WGL
    is active on a screen.
    Make validGlxDrawable() public
    Adjust glxWinSetPixelFormat() so it doesn't require a context, just a
    screen and config.
    That enables factoring out the deferred drawable creation code as
    Enhance glxWinDeferredCreateDrawable(), so that pixmaps are placed into a
    file mapping, so they exist in memory which can be shared with the direct
    rendering process.
    Currently, this file mapping is accessed by a name generated from the XID.
    This will not be unique across multiple server instances. It would perhaps
    be better, although more complicated, to use an anonymous file mapping, and
    then duplicate the handle for the direct rendering process.
    Use glxWinDeferredCreateDrawable() to ensure the native handle exists for
    the Windows-DRI query to map a drawable to native handle.
    Various printf format warning fixes
    Fix format warnings on x86
    Move some uninteresting windows-dri output to debug log level
    check for windowsdriproto when  --enable-windowsdri
    use windowsdriproto_CFLAGS
    Signed-off-by: Jon Turney's avatarJon Turney <jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarColin Harrison <colin.harrison@virgin.net>