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    modesetting: Fix ms_covering_crtc() segfault with non-modesetting slave · a31b5277
    Alex Goins authored
    ms_covering_crtc() uses RRFirstOutput() to determine a primary output to fall
    back to if a drawable is overlapping a slave output.
    If the primary output is a slave output, RRFirstOutput() will return a slave
    output even if passed a master ScreenPtr. ms_covering_crtc() dereferences the
    output's devPrivate, which is invalid for non-modesetting outputs, and can
    Changing RRFirstOutput() could have unintended side effects for other callers,
    so this change replaces the call to RRFirstOutput() with ms_first_output().
    ms_first_output() ignores the primary output if it doesn't match the given
    ScreenPtr, choosing the first connected output instead.
    Signed-off-by: Alex Goins's avatarAlex Goins <agoins@nvidia.com>
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