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    mi: Simplify a conditional in miHandleExposures · 4e101e7e
    Adam Jackson authored and Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson committed
    miHandleExposures does two things: computes the region for which to
    generate expose events, and (if the destination is a window) paints the
    exposed regions with the background. The bit of this conditional we're
    deleting here asserts that the source is either a pixmap or a window
    without backing store. The only other possibility is a window _with_
    backing store. In the old backing store implementation, this was where
    you would recover bits from backing store. Since our "backing store" is
    the redirected window pixmap, we know we've already copied all we could,
    because CopyArea had already seen the entire window pixmap. So now in
    that third case, we are still drawing to a pixmap (so there's no
    background to paint) and we are still not generating events, so we can
    exit early.
    The comment above the function about recovering bits from backing store
    is clearly misleading, so delete that too.
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