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      Add Meson build system · 8011b0fa
      Daniel Stone authored
      Meson is a build system, currently implemented in Python, with multiple
      output backends, including Ninja and Make. The build file syntax is
      clean and easy to read unlike autotools. In practise, configuring and
      building with Meson and Ninja has been observed to be much faster than
      with autotools. Also cross-building support is excellent.
      More information at http://mesonbuild.com
      Since moving to Meson requires some changes from users in any case, we
      took this opportunity to revamp build options. Most of the build options
      still exist, some have changed names or more, and a few have been
      dropped. The option to choose the Cairo flavour is not implemented since
      for the longest time the Cairo image backend has been the only
      recommended one.
      This Meson build should be fully functional and it installs everything
      an all-enabled autotools build does. Installed pkg-config files have
      some minor differences that should be insignificant. Building of some
      developer documentation that was never i...
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      ivi-shell: check ivi_view mappedness in commit_changes() · d93a52a6
      eucan authored
      If the view is not mapped, we do not need to update its
      properties. We can use ivi_view_is_mapped() function to
      check it.
      Also we don't need to call weston_view_damage_below()
      for weston_views, which were in the scenegraph. Because
      we are calling weston_view_unmap for views of unmapped
      ivi_views in build_view_list() function
      Signed-off-by: eucan's avatarEmre Ucan <eucan@de.adit-jv.com>
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      ivi-shell: unmap views which are not in scenegraph · f6638a7f
      eucan authored
      From Michael Olbrich:
      "Both the core in weston_compositor_build_view_list() with view.link
      and the ivi-shell in commit_screen_list() with view.layer_link
      don't remove the old views from the list.
      As a result, all views that are not currently in the list have
      old broken links. Destroying such a view tries to remove
      the view from these lists and will access the old, invalid pointers."
      Therefore, we have to unmap weston_views which are not in current
      scenegraph of ivi-shell. I implemented ivi_view_is_mapped() function
      to check mappedness of ivi_views. The functions checks:
         - the view is on a layer's order list
         - the layer is on a screen
         - the layer and view's ivi_surface are visible
      If ivi_view is not mapped but weston_view is still mapped,
      we have to unmap the weston_view with weston_view_unmap() call.
      Reported-by: Michael Olbrich's avatarMichael Olbrich <m.olbrich@pengutronix.de>
      Signed-off-by: eucan's avatarEmre Ucan <eucan@de.adit-jv.com>
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      ivi-shell: Add build_view_list function · e1e7ebdb
      eucan authored
      Move the implementation from commit_screen_list to
      build_view_list function
      Signed-off-by: eucan's avatarEmre Ucan <eucan@de.adit-jv.com>
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