Commit dce10bd1 authored by myfreeweb's avatar myfreeweb Committed by Daniel Stone

xwm: fix resize grab related crash

This crash was happening *during resizing* of an xwayland window that was destroyed.

Discovered by: John Good @archiesix

[@daniels: Moved tests below declarations.]
parent 4253f235
......@@ -2661,11 +2661,16 @@ static void
send_configure(struct weston_surface *surface, int32_t width, int32_t height)
struct weston_wm_window *window = get_wm_window(surface);
struct weston_wm *wm = window->wm;
struct theme *t = window->wm->theme;
struct weston_wm *wm;
struct theme *t;
int new_width, new_height;
int vborder, hborder;
if (!window || !window->wm)
wm = window->wm;
t = wm->theme;
if (window->decorate && !window->fullscreen) {
hborder = 2 * t->width;
vborder = t->titlebar_height + t->width;
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