Commit 94698d2a authored by Marius Vlad's avatar Marius Vlad
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libweston/compositor-drm: No need to test for invalid alpha for the view

This is redundant and is already being checked drm_fb_get_from_view()
Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad's avatarMarius Vlad <>
parent 5d767416
......@@ -2008,9 +2008,6 @@ drm_output_prepare_scanout_view(struct drm_output_state *output_state,
extents->y2 != output->base.y + output->base.height)
return NULL;
if (ev->alpha != 1.0f)
return NULL;
fb = drm_fb_get_from_view(output_state, ev);
if (!fb)
return NULL;
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