Commit 27839fe9 authored by eucan's avatar eucan Committed by eucan
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ivi-shell: remove unused functions and members

input panel related members of ivi_shell struct are
not required anymore. Also get_default_view(),
input_panel_setup() and input_panel_destroy() are not used.
Therefore, we can remove them.

Signed-off-by: eucan's avatarEmre Ucan <>
parent eefb8b9a
......@@ -331,23 +331,6 @@ bind_ivi_application(struct wl_client *client,
shell, NULL);
struct weston_view *
get_default_view(struct weston_surface *surface)
struct weston_view *view;
if (!surface || wl_list_empty(&surface->views))
return NULL;
wl_list_for_each(view, &surface->views, surface_link) {
if (weston_view_is_mapped(view))
return view;
return container_of(surface->,
struct weston_view, surface_link);
* Called through the compositor's destroy signal.
......@@ -39,38 +39,8 @@ struct ivi_shell
struct weston_compositor *compositor;
struct wl_list ivi_surface_list; /* struct ivi_shell_surface::link */
struct text_backend *text_backend;
struct wl_listener show_input_panel_listener;
struct wl_listener hide_input_panel_listener;
struct wl_listener update_input_panel_listener;
struct weston_layer input_panel_layer;
bool locked;
bool showing_input_panels;
struct {
struct weston_surface *surface;
pixman_box32_t cursor_rectangle;
} text_input;
struct {
struct wl_resource *binding;
struct wl_list surfaces;
} input_panel;
struct weston_view *
get_default_view(struct weston_surface *surface);
input_panel_setup(struct ivi_shell *shell);
input_panel_destroy(struct ivi_shell *shell);
shell_surface_send_configure(struct weston_surface *surface,
int32_t width, int32_t height);
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