- SDMA 6.1.0 support
- SMU 13.x fixes
- PSP 13.x fixes
- HDP 6.1 support
- SMUIO 14.0 support
- IH 6.1 support
- Coding style cleanups
- Misc display fixes
- Initial Freesync panel replay support
- RAS fixes
- SDMA 5.2 MGCG updates
- SR-IOV fixes
- DCN3+ gamma fix
- Revert zpos properly until IGT regression is fixed
- NBIO 7.9 fixes
- Use TTM to manage the doorbell BAR
- Async flip fix
- DPIA tracing support
- DCN 3.x TMDS HDMI fixes
- FRU fixes

- Coding style cleanups
- SVM fixes
- Trap handler fixes
- Convert older APUs to use dGPU path like newer APUs
- Drop IOMMUv2 path as it is no longer used

- Coding style cleanups

drm buddy:
- Fix debugging output

- A new memory pool was added to amdgpu_drm.h since we converted doorbell BAR management to use TTM,
  but userspace is blocked from allocating from it at this point, so kind of not really anything new
  here per se