Commit 60735695 authored by Aaron Liu's avatar Aaron Liu Committed by Alex Deucher
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drm/amd/pm: add PrepareMp1ForUnload support for yellow carp

Driver needs to notify the PMFW when the RLC is disabled.
Signed-off-by: Aaron Liu's avatarAaron Liu <>
Reviewed-by: Huang Rui's avatarHuang Rui <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Deucher <>
parent 75dd5fe5
......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ static struct cmn2asic_msg_mapping yellow_carp_message_map[SMU_MSG_MAX_COUNT] =
MSG_MAP(PowerUpVcn, PPSMC_MSG_PowerUpVcn, 1),
MSG_MAP(SetHardMinVcn, PPSMC_MSG_SetHardMinVcn, 1),
MSG_MAP(ActiveProcessNotify, PPSMC_MSG_ActiveProcessNotify, 1),
MSG_MAP(PrepareMp1ForUnload, PPSMC_MSG_PrepareMp1ForUnload, 1),
MSG_MAP(SetDriverDramAddrHigh, PPSMC_MSG_SetDriverDramAddrHigh, 1),
MSG_MAP(SetDriverDramAddrLow, PPSMC_MSG_SetDriverDramAddrLow, 1),
MSG_MAP(TransferTableSmu2Dram, PPSMC_MSG_TransferTableSmu2Dram, 1),
......@@ -183,6 +184,9 @@ static int yellow_carp_system_features_control(struct smu_context *smu, bool en)
uint32_t feature_mask[2];
int ret = 0;
if (!en)
ret = smu_cmn_send_smc_msg(smu, SMU_MSG_PrepareMp1ForUnload, NULL);
bitmap_zero(feature->enabled, feature->feature_num);
bitmap_zero(feature->supported, feature->feature_num);
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