Commit 20b46017 authored by Nicholas Kazlauskas's avatar Nicholas Kazlauskas Committed by Alex Deucher
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drm/amdgpu: Update atomfirmware for DCN3.1 phy tuning and eDP caps

[Why & How]
We'll need these in driver for phy tuning in DCN3.1.

Multiple eDP support also requires understanding which LCD the backlight
curve in atombios is for.
Signed-off-by: Nicholas Kazlauskas's avatarNicholas Kazlauskas <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Deucher <>
parent 15757245
......@@ -883,7 +883,8 @@ struct atom_bracket_layout_record
enum atom_display_device_tag_def{
ATOM_DISPLAY_LCD1_SUPPORT = 0x0002, //an embedded display is either an LVDS or eDP signal type of display
ATOM_DISPLAY_LCD1_SUPPORT = 0x0002, //an embedded display is either an LVDS or eDP signal type of display
ATOM_DISPLAY_LCD2_SUPPORT = 0x0020, //second edp device tag 0x0020 for backward compability
......@@ -1413,6 +1414,59 @@ struct atom_integrated_system_info_v2_1
struct atom_n6_display_phy_tuning_set {
uint8_t display_signal_type;
uint8_t phy_sel;
uint8_t preset_level;
uint8_t reserved1;
uint32_t reserved2;
uint32_t speed_upto;
uint8_t tx_vboost_level;
uint8_t tx_vreg_v2i;
uint8_t tx_vregdrv_byp;
uint8_t tx_term_cntl;
uint8_t tx_peak_level;
uint8_t tx_slew_en;
uint8_t tx_eq_pre;
uint8_t tx_eq_main;
uint8_t tx_eq_post;
uint8_t tx_en_inv_pre;
uint8_t tx_en_inv_post;
uint8_t reserved3;
uint32_t reserved4;
uint32_t reserved5;
uint32_t reserved6;
struct atom_display_phy_tuning_info {
struct atom_common_table_header table_header;
struct atom_n6_display_phy_tuning_set disp_phy_tuning[1];
struct atom_integrated_system_info_v2_2
struct atom_common_table_header table_header;
uint32_t vbios_misc; //enum of atom_system_vbiosmisc_def
uint32_t gpucapinfo; //enum of atom_system_gpucapinf_def
uint32_t system_config;
uint32_t cpucapinfo;
uint16_t gpuclk_ss_percentage; //unit of 0.001%, 1000 mean 1%
uint16_t gpuclk_ss_type;
uint16_t dpphy_override; // bit vector, enum of atom_sysinfo_dpphy_override_def
uint8_t memorytype; // enum of atom_dmi_t17_mem_type_def, APU memory type indication.
uint8_t umachannelnumber; // number of memory channels
uint8_t htc_hyst_limit;
uint8_t htc_tmp_limit;
uint8_t reserved1;
uint8_t reserved2;
struct edp_info_table edp1_info;
struct edp_info_table edp2_info;
uint32_t reserved3[8];
struct atom_external_display_connection_info extdispconninfo;
uint32_t reserved4[189];
// system_config
enum atom_system_vbiosmisc_def{
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