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      regtest: Allow to run groups of tests individually · 7c21b958
      Carlos Garcia Campos authored
      Now it's possible to pass more than one argument to run-tests command and
      optionally the docs directory. When more than one test is passed and the
      docs directory is not provided, the common base path of all passed tests
      is used as docs directory. The tests passed can be documents or
      directories, using absolute paths or paths relative to the docs
      This also allows us to update the refs for a group of tests.
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      regtest: Add --pretty-diff option to create-report command · 9d28b8db
      Carlos Garcia Campos authored
      It includes a pretty-diff link to make a bit easier to check differences
      in test results. For images it creates a html with javascript that
      toggles actual and expected image, using the same code than WebKit
      layout test results. For text files it uses HtmlDiff class from python
      difflib. It's an option disabled by default because pretty diff for text
      files is very slow.
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