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    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      pdfimages: support listing/extracting inline images · 488d28ec
      Adrian Johnson authored
      The difficulty with extracting inline images is that inline images do
      not provide any way of determining the length or end of image data
      without decoding the image. We can get the length by using ImageStream
      to decode the data then check the stream position. But then we are
      still unable to extract the undecoded image data because embedded
      streams can only be read once.
      Since inline images tend to be small the solution implemented is to
      modify EmbedStream to keep a copy of the data read from it in memory
      and then allow the data to be read again.
      Two new functions have been added to EmbedStream. rewind() will cause
      EmbedStream.getChar() to stop recording data and switch to replaying
      the saved data, returning EOF when the end of the saved data is
      reached. The restore() function will make getChar() switch back to
      reading from the parent stream.
      ImageOutputDev can now extract or get the image size by first using
      ImageStream to read data from the embedded stream. After calling
      rewind() the undecoded image data can be read from the embedded stream
      until EOF is returned. Then restore() is called so that Gfx can read
      the 'EI' from the end of the embedded stream.
      Bug 25625
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  13. 15 Aug, 2017 4 commits
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      pdfinfo: add -dests option to print named destinations · a8d670b5
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Bug 97262
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      Fix build with autotools · 6d3239a2
      Adrian Johnson authored
    • Albert Astals Cid's avatar
      Improvements to the previous Signature commit · b56a697c
      Albert Astals Cid authored
       * Remove FormWidgetSignature::setFormSignatureType, the API was weird,
      make it be an output parameter of getCheckedSignature
       * include cleanup
       * Make validation time mandatory, marking to use -1 for *now*
       * Remove setFormSignatureType noone uses
       * Fix compilation wihtout NSS3
       * Don't static cast between NSS3 HASH_HashType and poppler-qt5 HashAlgorithm
       * Actually pass validationTime down in FormFieldSignature::validate
       * Add since markers to poppler-qt5 functions/enums
       * Fix spacing
       * Remove SignatureValidationInfo::signingDateTime that returns
      QDateTime, having two functions that return the same is a bit confusing,
      and we're not filling the timezone info anyway, so let it be a time_t
    • Hans-Ulrich Jüttner's avatar
      Various signature related improvements · a81700df
      Hans-Ulrich Jüttner authored
      Export signature via Qt5 interface.
      Add support for signatures of SubFilter "ETSI.CAdES.detached".
      Add an optional validation time to method validateSignature().
      Print full Subject Distinguished Name, signing time, hash algorithm and a statement wether the total document is signed in pdfsig.
      Fixes bug #99271
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    • Albert Astals Cid's avatar
      New Object API · 9773c153
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Implement the move operators and copy construtor
      Almost all the init() functions are gone and we just have simple
      constructors now
      Also made free() public since you're not supposed to call it anymore,
      unless you're being evil and malloc'ing Objects like Array/Dict/XRef
      This has a huge reaction chain, most importantly we
      don't get objects by passing a pointer Object parameter, we
      just get the object as a return value, which is a much clearer API
       -  aobj->copy(&obj);
       +  obj = aobj->copy();
      before I was never sure what was being copied into what
      Comes with a huge diff, I probably made some mistake in the porting
      since there was lots of copy & paste involved
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    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      pdfimages: don't fail listing if inline image data contains 'EI' · 3a13817d
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Normally when listing images we don't read the image data. But for
      inline images we should read the image data to advance the stream
      position to the end of the image data. If we don't advance the stream
      position and the image data happens to contain 'EI', Gfx will resume
      reading the content stream from the middle of the image data.
      Bug 100737
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