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    • William Bader's avatar
      PSOutputDev: Fix wrong text generation · e51db61a
      William Bader authored
      This patch moves the code to update the max valid glyph hash into its
      own function and updates the max valid glyph only if the new value is
      higher than the previous value.
      This fixes a problem with pages that have multiple copies of the same
      font with different glyph counts. If poppler processed the font with the
      smaller count last, and then the PDF wrote text in the font with the
      larger count, pdftops would not show the glyphs above the maximum of the
      smaller font.
      Bug #102760
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    • William Bader's avatar
      Fix regression in pdftops parameter passing · ae76b75c
      William Bader authored
      Recent changes to the command line processing moved some options from GlobalParams to PSOutputDev.
      The options used to be set by calling setters in GlobalParams before creating the PSOutputDev.
      Now the options are set by calling setters in PSOutputDev after it is created.
      The problem is that PSOutputDev() calls init() which uses options that now can not be set until later after PSOutputDev() returns.
      These patches split some of the code of init() into a new postInit() that is automatically called later after the pdftops main program has had a chance to set the command line options.
      When I was looking through the code, I also fixed a misspelling of sanitizedTitle as sanitizedTile.
      Bug #89827
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    • Fabio D'Urso's avatar
      Re-added forceRasterize to PSOutputDev (and qt4 fix too)‏ · a5257efe
      Fabio D'Urso authored
      The patch restores the forceRasterize argument in PSOutputDev ctors.
      Commit 6ee907f2 had removed it, turning it
      into a global param.
      As a side effect, this patch also fixes qt4/poppler-ps-converter, which had
      not been updated to the new signature, and thus produced corrupted output if
      forceRasterization was set.
  30. 14 Feb, 2012 1 commit
    • Thomas Freitag's avatar
      Overprint implementation in postscript and splash device · 59946e0c
      Thomas Freitag authored
      It is an enhancement patch, a
      merge fix and a bug fix in one: an enhancement, because it now completes
      the implementation overprint mode and devicen in postscript, a merge
      fix, because it fixes some bugs in the overprint implementation in
      splash of xpdf 3.0.3 and has now the complete functionality (and more!)
      of my implementation back again and a bug fix, because it fixes the use
      of splash cmyk in postscript which never had worked.
      1. Overprint implementation in postscript
      To have a complete overprint implementation in the (pure) postscript
      device there were just two things missing: overprint mode and the
      implementation of the DeviceN colorspace in PostScript. I double checked
      my implementation with the Ghent Test Suite with GhostScript (device
      pdfwrite) and Acrobat X distiller, and all the tests now succeeds,
      either in Acrobat X distiller or in GhostScript. As overprint is a
      device dependent feature, it is up to the output device if it supports
      overprint and what features of overprint are supported, and often You
      have various configuration possibilities there. Nearly all PostScript
      output of the Ghent tests show now the desired results if converting it
      back to PDF with ghostscript pdfwrite, the implementation in ghostscript
      is complete. On the other hand a few tests failed when using Acrobat X
      distiller, all of them with the overprint mode switch. Funny, because
      overprint mode 1 is often also called the illustrator overprint mode
      because it was introduced by illustrator, but probably the destiller
      only handles EPS correctly which comes from illustrator
      2. Overprint implementation in postscript if using splash rasterization
      Of course the postscript overprint implementation will only work if
      pdftops doesn't decide to use splash to rasterize it because of the use
      of transparencies in the PDF. But because overprint is device dependent
      I decided to spend an additional parameter "overprint" to pdftops
      (simular to pdftoppm). Switching it on (only available if compiled with
      SPLASH_CMYK, because overprint is only in CMYK colorspace showable) will
      use the overprint implementation in splash also if rasterizing the PDF.
      3. Overprint implementation in splash
      The overprint implementation in splash now uses the better designed
      interface of xpdf and therefore now also works in transparency groups.
      Thanks to the developper team of xpdf. I just fixed a small bug in it,
      where it defies the technical specification. Of course it is still in
      the nature of the splash implementation that it fails if CMYK values
      should overprint spot colors, because spot colors are converted
      immediately in their CMYK alternates. And in the implementation of
      overprinting spot colors over CMYK colors I made a small assumption to
      get it running which causes undesired results if this assumption fails,
      but I didn't want to implement more and more configuration switches. I
      still plan to implement a DeviceN output in splash and make a complete
      implementation there, but this is of course a bigger task (but doable).
      The overprint switch in pdftoppm is still only available if compiled
      with the SPLASH_CMYK directive.
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