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  7. 12 Dec, 2017 2 commits
    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      cairo: limit image size when printing · f5706275
      Adrian Johnson authored
      1 bpp image formats can have very large sizes. Even if the maximum
      cairo image size is not exceeded, it still uses a huge amount of memory
      and is very slow.
      This limits the image size when printing to 8192x8192 which is
      sufficient for 300ppi at A2 size. Cairo >= 1.5.10 scales mime images
      to the same dimensions as the cairo image, so the original mime image
      can still be embedded.
      Bug 103399
    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      cairo: support embedding CCITT image data · 3f13dd5f
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Bug 103399
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    • Albert Astals Cid's avatar
      Remove various never called internal setters from GlobalParams.h · 5b8fe4ee
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      TextKeepTinyChars: false, simplify if in TextOutputDev
      DisableFreeTypeHinting: didn't actually have a getter :D
      StrokeAdjust: true, adjust the code in Cairo/SplashOutputDev to use gTrue
      ScreenType: unset, simplify switch in SplashOutputDev
      ScreenSize: -1, simplify code in SplashOutputDev
      ScreenDotRadius: -1, simplify code in SplashOutputDev
      ScreenGamma: 1.0, simplify code in SplashOutputDev
      ScreenBlackThreshold: 0.0, simplify code in SplashOutputDev
      ScreenWhiteThreshold: 1.0, simplify code in SplashOutputDev
      MinLineWidth: 0.0, define it as static const in SplashOutputDev since was used in various places
      MapNumericCharNames: true, remove GfxFont.cc if guard
      MapUnknownCharNames: true, remove GfxFont.cc if guard
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    • Albert Astals Cid's avatar
      New Object API · 9773c153
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Implement the move operators and copy construtor
      Almost all the init() functions are gone and we just have simple
      constructors now
      Also made free() public since you're not supposed to call it anymore,
      unless you're being evil and malloc'ing Objects like Array/Dict/XRef
      This has a huge reaction chain, most importantly we
      don't get objects by passing a pointer Object parameter, we
      just get the object as a return value, which is a much clearer API
       -  aobj->copy(&obj);
       +  obj = aobj->copy();
      before I was never sure what was being copied into what
      Comes with a huge diff, I probably made some mistake in the porting
      since there was lots of copy & paste involved
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    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      cairo: fix bug in setAntialias() · 5165c1a5
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Was setting the member cairo instead of cr parameter. Also rename the
      function to avoid confusion with the public setAntialias() and make it
      static to prevent this type of bug in future.
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  24. 02 Apr, 2016 2 commits
    • Jason Crain's avatar
      cairo: save mask state and don't extend image mask · db87dc7f
      Jason Crain authored
      Don't extend an image mask pattern.  Save and restore the mask in
      bug #94234
    • Jason Crain's avatar
      cairo: fix fillToStrokePathClip crash and rendering · 7d8dfb09
      Jason Crain authored
      The cairo backend can crash if the dash pattern changes between calling
      clipToStrokePathClip and fillToStrokePathClip because fillToStrokePathClip
      calls cairo_set_dash with the saved dash pattern but the current dash count.
      Fixes the crash by removing the call to cairo_get_dash_count in
      fillToStrokePathClip.  Makes strokePathClip reference counted because when
      drawing tiling patterns it may need to be kept around for more than one drawing
      operation.  Uses fillToStrokePathClip in a few more places to fix rendering.
      bug #62905
  25. 02 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Jason Crain's avatar
      cairo: use shape mask with soft mask · 00422d0c
      Jason Crain authored
      Clear target with the shape mask whether the soft mask is set or not.
      Propagate the shape up to any higher level groups and destroy the
      shape pattern when done.
      Fix a memory leak by removing a call to 'cairo_reference (cairo_shape)'.
      We already keep track of the lifetime of cairo_shape using
      bug 91931
  26. 16 Dec, 2015 1 commit
  27. 04 Dec, 2015 2 commits
    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      cairo: Implement function shading using mesh gradients · 47ffce08
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Gfx draws function shadings by subdividing the shading until the
      colors are the same or the maximum subdivision is reached then fills
      each cell with the color of the mid point of the cell. The solid
      colors can result in a pixelated appearance.
      This patch implements a cairo specific version of the function shading
      that uses mesh gradients to draw each cell. By setting the corner of
      each patch to the shading color at that point, the mesh gradient will
      interpolate the colors resulting in a smooth appearance.
      Bug 88394
    • Jason Crain's avatar
      cairo: Scale radial pattern · d7717cf1
      Jason Crain authored
      Scale the radial pattern because cairo/pixman do not work well with a
      very large or small scaled matrix.  See cairo bug #81657.
      bug #22098
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