1. 08 Apr, 2012 10 commits
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    • Thomas Freitag's avatar
      Some regression fixes/improvements · d6a1b7dc
      Thomas Freitag authored
      I just finished the patch for these regressions, they had differents reasons
      1. In CharCodeToUnicode::mapToUnicode the identity support was missing
      2. The new algorithms for axial and radial shading caused problems in
      cairo. I revert these changes but removed the examination of hidden
      content (this is already done in the calling function)
      3. The examination of optional hidden content in showing text was wrong:
      of course hidden text should not be shown, but text parameters like text
      position in the state must be changed!
      4. Searching and finding fonts especially with base14 fonts should be
      more exact than just looking at the base14 name (i.e. fixed width and so
      on) when using fontconfig. I implement that to find the best font
      fitting to the needs.
    • Fabio D'Urso's avatar
      Re-added forceRasterize to PSOutputDev (and qt4 fix too)‏ · a5257efe
      Fabio D'Urso authored
      The patch restores the forceRasterize argument in PSOutputDev ctors.
      Commit 6ee907f2 had removed it, turning it
      into a global param.
      As a side effect, this patch also fixes qt4/poppler-ps-converter, which had
      not been updated to the new signature, and thus produced corrupted output if
      forceRasterization was set.
    • suzuki toshiya's avatar
      CJK improvements · 55d039ad
      suzuki toshiya authored
      More info in the mailing list threads
       * script names for vertical writing mode should be differentiated for CJK
       * 2 workarounds for a Korean font on Microsoft Windows
    • Horst Prote's avatar
    • Adrian Johnson's avatar
      cairo: use a transparency group with setSoftMaskFromImageMask/unsetSoftMaskFromImageMask · c40e2315
      Adrian Johnson authored
      Drawing a tiling pattern between setSoftMaskFromImageMask and
      unsetSoftMaskFromImageMask clears the softmask.
      Similar to Splash, create a transparency group in
      setSoftMaskFromImageMask. Pop and paint the group in
      unsetSoftMaskFromImageMask. The saveState/restoreState is to ensure
      the softmask is restored before painting the group.
      Bug 47739
  8. 23 Mar, 2012 1 commit