Commit bd142810 authored by Jason Crain's avatar Jason Crain Committed by Carlos Garcia Campos

cairo: Use matrix to determine pattern size
parent 06dd7dc3
......@@ -842,11 +842,13 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Gfx *gfxA, Catalog *cat
cairo_pattern_t *pattern;
cairo_surface_t *surface;
cairo_matrix_t matrix;
cairo_matrix_t pattern_matrix;
cairo_t *old_cairo;
double xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax;
double width, height;
int surface_width, surface_height;
StrokePathClip *strokePathTmp;
GBool adjusted_stroke_width_tmp;
width = bbox[2] - bbox[0];
height = bbox[3] - bbox[1];
......@@ -855,8 +857,18 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Gfx *gfxA, Catalog *cat
return gFalse;
/* TODO: implement the other cases here too */
surface_width = (int) ceil (width);
surface_height = (int) ceil (height);
// Find the width and height of the transformed pattern
cairo_get_matrix (cairo, &matrix);
cairo_matrix_init (&pattern_matrix, mat[0], mat[1], mat[2], mat[3], mat[4], mat[5]);
cairo_matrix_multiply (&matrix, &matrix, &pattern_matrix);
double widthX = width, widthY = 0;
cairo_matrix_transform_distance (&matrix, &widthX, &widthY);
surface_width = ceil (sqrt (widthX * widthX + widthY * widthY));
double heightX = 0, heightY = height;
cairo_matrix_transform_distance (&matrix, &heightX, &heightY);
surface_height = ceil (sqrt (heightX * heightX + heightY * heightY));
surface = cairo_surface_create_similar (cairo_get_target (cairo),
......@@ -867,11 +879,13 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Gfx *gfxA, Catalog *cat
old_cairo = cairo;
cairo = cairo_create (surface);
cairo_surface_destroy (surface);
cairo_scale (cairo, surface_width / width, surface_height / height);
box.x1 = bbox[0]; box.y1 = bbox[1];
box.x2 = bbox[2]; box.y2 = bbox[3];
strokePathTmp = strokePathClip;
strokePathClip = NULL;
adjusted_stroke_width_tmp = adjusted_stroke_width;
gfx = new Gfx(doc, this, resDict, &box, NULL, NULL, NULL, gfxA->getXRef());
if (paintType == 2)
inUncoloredPattern = gTrue;
......@@ -880,6 +894,7 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Gfx *gfxA, Catalog *cat
inUncoloredPattern = gFalse;
delete gfx;
strokePathClip = strokePathTmp;
adjusted_stroke_width = adjusted_stroke_width_tmp;
pattern = cairo_pattern_create_for_surface (cairo_get_target (cairo));
cairo_destroy (cairo);
......@@ -893,8 +908,7 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Gfx *gfxA, Catalog *cat
cairo_matrix_init_scale (&matrix, surface_width / width, surface_height / height);
cairo_pattern_set_matrix (pattern, &matrix);
cairo_matrix_init (&matrix, mat[0], mat[1], mat[2], mat[3], mat[4], mat[5]);
cairo_transform (cairo, &matrix);
cairo_transform (cairo, &pattern_matrix);
cairo_set_source (cairo, pattern);
cairo_pattern_set_extend (pattern, CAIRO_EXTEND_REPEAT);
if (strokePathClip) {
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