Commit a238d170 authored by Tobias Deiminger's avatar Tobias Deiminger Committed by Albert Astals Cid

Add missing newline after Tf in setTextFont

Until now AnnotAppearanceBuilder::setTextFont was only used to write
last operation in apperance string for /DA. There you don't notice
the missing delimiter. Delimiter will however be required in general,
e.g. when writing appearance string for /AP.
parent 1acbe6af
......@@ -1708,7 +1708,7 @@ void AnnotAppearanceBuilder::setDrawColor(const AnnotColor *drawColor, GBool fil
void AnnotAppearanceBuilder::setTextFont(const Object &fontName, double fontSize) {
if (fontName.isName() && strlen(fontName.getName()) > 0)
appearBuf->appendf("/{0:s} {1:.2f} Tf", fontName.getName(), fontSize);
appearBuf->appendf("/{0:s} {1:.2f} Tf\n", fontName.getName(), fontSize);
void AnnotAppearanceBuilder::setLineStyleForBorder(const AnnotBorder *border) {
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