Commit 560b34a6 authored by Adam Reichold's avatar Adam Reichold Committed by Albert Astals Cid

Prevent leaking OptionalContentGroup by using unique_ptr as early as possible. oss-fuzz/10418

parent 7ac84c1d
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......@@ -54,16 +54,15 @@ OCGs::OCGs(Object *ocgObject, XRef *xref) :
if (!ocg.isDict()) {
OptionalContentGroup *thisOptionalContentGroup = new OptionalContentGroup(ocg.getDict());
auto thisOptionalContentGroup = std::make_unique<OptionalContentGroup>(ocg.getDict());
ocg = ocgList.arrayGetNF(i);
if (!ocg.isRef()) {
delete thisOptionalContentGroup;
thisOptionalContentGroup->setRef( ocg.getRef() );
// the default is ON - we change state later, depending on BaseState, ON and OFF
optionalContentGroups.emplace(ocg.getRef(), thisOptionalContentGroup);
optionalContentGroups.emplace(ocg.getRef(), std::move(thisOptionalContentGroup));
Object defaultOcgConfig = ocgObject->dictLookup("D");
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