Commit 4cda839c authored by Adrian Johnson's avatar Adrian Johnson

pdftops: ensure there is always a page size in the output

even if the PDF file as badly broken.
parent 45a87afd
......@@ -1257,6 +1257,13 @@ void PSOutputDev::init(PSOutputFunc outputFuncA, void *outputStreamA,
if (!paperMatch) {
w = paperWidth;
h = paperHeight;
if (w < 0 || h < 0) {
// Unable to obtain a paper size from the document and no page size
// specified. In this case use A4 as the page size to ensure the PS output is
// valid. This will only occur if the PDF is very broken.
w = 595;
h = 842;
} else if (noCropA) {
w = (int)ceil(page->getMediaWidth());
h = (int)ceil(page->getMediaHeight());
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