Commit 3a94e8ce authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos

[cairo] Revert commit 77c2e154

And fix bug #24575 jut by checking pointer is not null before using it.
parent a093b768
......@@ -258,10 +258,6 @@ void CairoOutputDev::saveState(GfxState *state) {
void CairoOutputDev::restoreState(GfxState *state) {
LOG(printf ("restore\n"));
if (!state->hasSaves()) {
error(-1, "restoreState on an empty state stack");
cairo_restore (cairo);
if (cairo_shape)
cairo_restore (cairo_shape);
......@@ -278,9 +274,11 @@ void CairoOutputDev::restoreState(GfxState *state) {
if (mask)
if (ms) {
mask = ms->mask;
maskStack = ms->next;
delete ms;
void CairoOutputDev::updateAll(GfxState *state) {
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