Commit 3a574f13 authored by Adrian Johnson's avatar Adrian Johnson Committed by Carlos Garcia Campos

cairo: fix stroke patterns

Since cairo still does not yet have cairo_stroke_to_path(), this
implements a workaround for stroke patterns. In clipToStrokePath, the
stroke path and stroke parameters are saved. In tilingPatternFill and
fill (used to draw shading patterns) if a stroke path clip has been
saved, the current pattern is stroked instead of filled using the
saved stroke.
Fixes bug #11719.
parent eb740dac
......@@ -133,6 +133,7 @@ CairoOutputDev::CairoOutputDev() {
stroke_opacity = 1.0;
fill_opacity = 1.0;
textClipPath = NULL;
strokePathClip = NULL;
haveCSPattern = gFalse;
cairo = NULL;
currentFont = NULL;
......@@ -673,6 +674,8 @@ void CairoOutputDev::fill(GfxState *state) {
if (mask) {
cairo_clip (cairo);
cairo_mask (cairo, mask);
} else if (strokePathClip) {
} else {
cairo_fill (cairo);
......@@ -713,6 +716,7 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Catalog *cat, Object *s
double xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax;
double width, height;
int surface_width, surface_height;
StrokePathClip *strokePathTmp;
width = bbox[2] - bbox[0];
height = bbox[3] - bbox[1];
......@@ -736,9 +740,12 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Catalog *cat, Object *s
box.x1 = bbox[0]; box.y1 = bbox[1];
box.x2 = bbox[2]; box.y2 = bbox[3];
strokePathTmp = strokePathClip;
strokePathClip = NULL;
gfx = new Gfx(xref, this, resDict, catalog, &box, NULL);
delete gfx;
strokePathClip = strokePathTmp;
pattern = cairo_pattern_create_for_surface (cairo_get_target (cairo));
cairo_destroy (cairo);
......@@ -756,7 +763,11 @@ GBool CairoOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(GfxState *state, Catalog *cat, Object *s
cairo_transform (cairo, &matrix);
cairo_set_source (cairo, pattern);
cairo_pattern_set_extend (pattern, CAIRO_EXTEND_REPEAT);
cairo_fill (cairo);
if (strokePathClip) {
} else {
cairo_fill (cairo);
cairo_pattern_destroy (pattern);
......@@ -987,6 +998,45 @@ void CairoOutputDev::eoClip(GfxState *state) {
void CairoOutputDev::clipToStrokePath(GfxState *state) {
strokePathClip = (StrokePathClip*)gmalloc (sizeof(*strokePathClip));
doPath (cairo, state, state->getPath());
strokePathClip->path = cairo_copy_path (cairo);
cairo_get_matrix (cairo, &strokePathClip->ctm);
strokePathClip->line_width = cairo_get_line_width (cairo);
strokePathClip->dash_count = cairo_get_dash_count (cairo);
if (strokePathClip->dash_count) {
strokePathClip->dashes = (double*) gmallocn (sizeof(double), strokePathClip->dash_count);
cairo_get_dash (cairo, strokePathClip->dashes, &strokePathClip->dash_offset);
} else {
strokePathClip->dashes = NULL;
strokePathClip->cap = cairo_get_line_cap (cairo);
strokePathClip->join = cairo_get_line_join (cairo);
strokePathClip->miter = cairo_get_miter_limit (cairo);
void CairoOutputDev::fillToStrokePathClip() {
cairo_save (cairo);
cairo_set_matrix (cairo, &strokePathClip->ctm);
cairo_set_line_width (cairo, strokePathClip->line_width);
strokePathClip->dash_count = cairo_get_dash_count (cairo);
cairo_set_dash (cairo, strokePathClip->dashes, strokePathClip->dash_count, strokePathClip->dash_offset);
cairo_set_line_cap (cairo, strokePathClip->cap);
cairo_set_line_join (cairo, strokePathClip->join);
cairo_set_miter_limit (cairo, strokePathClip->miter);
cairo_new_path (cairo);
cairo_append_path (cairo, strokePathClip->path);
cairo_stroke (cairo);
cairo_restore (cairo);
cairo_path_destroy (strokePathClip->path);
if (strokePathClip->dashes)
gfree (strokePathClip->dashes);
gfree (strokePathClip);
strokePathClip = NULL;
void CairoOutputDev::beginString(GfxState *state, GooString *s)
......@@ -281,13 +281,26 @@ protected:
GBool interpolate);
GBool getStreamData (Stream *str, char **buffer, int *length);
void setMimeData(Stream *str, Object *ref, cairo_surface_t *image);
void fillToStrokePathClip();
GfxRGB fill_color, stroke_color;
cairo_pattern_t *fill_pattern, *stroke_pattern;
double fill_opacity;
double stroke_opacity;
CairoFont *currentFont;
struct StrokePathClip {
cairo_path_t *path;
cairo_matrix_t ctm;
double line_width;
double *dashes;
int dash_count;
double dash_offset;
cairo_line_cap_t cap;
cairo_line_join_t join;
double miter;
} *strokePathClip;
XRef *xref; // xref table for current document
Catalog *catalog;
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