Commit 0e7f6cb1 authored by Jannick's avatar Jannick Committed by Albert Astals Cid

Fix some warnings in some unusual #ifdef combinations

Bug #101812
parent f55d6a64
......@@ -3284,10 +3284,10 @@ GBool PSOutputDev::checkPageSlice(Page *page, double /*hDPI*/, double /*vDPI*/,
int nStripes, stripeH, stripeY;
int c, w, h, x, y, comp, i;
int numComps, initialNumComps;
char hexBuf[32*2 + 2]; // 32 values X 2 chars/value + line ending + null
Guchar digit;
GBool isGray;
if (!postInitDone) {
......@@ -221,7 +221,6 @@ Stream *Stream::makeFilter(char *name, Stream *str, Object *params, int recursio
int encoding;
GBool endOfLine, byteAlign, endOfBlock, black;
int columns, rows;
int colorXform;
Object globals, obj;
if (!strcmp(name, "ASCIIHexDecode") || !strcmp(name, "AHx")) {
......@@ -307,14 +306,14 @@ Stream *Stream::makeFilter(char *name, Stream *str, Object *params, int recursio
str = new CCITTFaxStream(str, encoding, endOfLine, byteAlign,
columns, rows, endOfBlock, black);
} else if (!strcmp(name, "DCTDecode") || !strcmp(name, "DCT")) {
colorXform = -1;
int colorXform = -1;
if (params->isDict()) {
if (params->dictLookup("ColorTransform", &obj, recursion)->isInt()) {
colorXform = obj.getInt();
str = new DCTStream(str, colorXform, dict, recursion);
error(errSyntaxError, getPos(), "Unknown filter '{0:s}'", name);
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