Commit 0c78e1ef authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

-Wshadow renaming in perf-test

parent 89bd3f1f
......@@ -934,10 +934,10 @@ static void RenderPdf(const char *fileName)
SplashBitmap *bmpSplash = nullptr;
GooTimer msTimer;
GooTimer msRenderTimer;
bmpSplash = engineSplash->renderBitmap(curPage, 100.0, 0);
double timeInMs = msTimer.getElapsed();
timeInMs = msRenderTimer.getElapsed();
if (gfTimings) {
if (!bmpSplash)
LogInfo("page splash %d: failed to render\n", curPage);
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