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    Use Ref::INVALID more · 3fe46034
    Albert Astals Cid authored
    In this case we have to be a bit more careful since we're changing code that
    used to assign to 0,0 and now INVALID is -1, -1 but i'm confident it's
    inReplyTo seems to be only used in qt5/src/poppler-annotation.cc and
    i've updated the code to use the boolean isInReplyTo instead of checking
    the ref number directly
    The change in Dict only affects its two callers, one in Annot and one in
    Catalog. The one in catalog has been updated, the one in Annot doesn't
    seem to need updating (and moreover if you check history before using
    the new Dict function was using -1, -1 as ref not initialized)
    The change in Array only affects its one caller, in Function, whose code
    has been updated
    The embFontID change is something that was forgotten in the previous
    commit about using Ref::INVALID
    The change for iccProfileStreamA is only local to that function and has
    been changed to use Ref::INVALID in all its uses