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    Improvements to the previous Signature commit · b56a697c
    Albert Astals Cid authored
     * Remove FormWidgetSignature::setFormSignatureType, the API was weird,
    make it be an output parameter of getCheckedSignature
     * include cleanup
     * Make validation time mandatory, marking to use -1 for *now*
     * Remove setFormSignatureType noone uses
     * Fix compilation wihtout NSS3
     * Don't static cast between NSS3 HASH_HashType and poppler-qt5 HashAlgorithm
     * Actually pass validationTime down in FormFieldSignature::validate
     * Add since markers to poppler-qt5 functions/enums
     * Fix spacing
     * Remove SignatureValidationInfo::signingDateTime that returns
    QDateTime, having two functions that return the same is a bit confusing,
    and we're not filling the timezone info anyway, so let it be a time_t
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