Commit 6f8451cf authored by Jeff Muizelaar's avatar Jeff Muizelaar

Add support for knockout groups to the cairo backend

This is sort of hacky because we need to keep track of shape and opacity
seperately.  It is also probably not entirely correct. However, it should be
closer than previously.
parent b0fbfb0a
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......@@ -171,6 +171,7 @@ public:
GBool /*isolated*/, GBool /*knockout*/,
GBool /*forSoftMask*/);
virtual void endTransparencyGroup(GfxState * /*state*/);
void popTransparencyGroup();
virtual void paintTransparencyGroup(GfxState * /*state*/, double * /*bbox*/);
virtual void setSoftMask(GfxState * /*state*/, double * /*bbox*/, GBool /*alpha*/,
Function * /*transferFunc*/, GfxColor * /*backdropColor*/);
......@@ -191,7 +192,7 @@ public:
void setCairo (cairo_t *cr);
void doPath(GfxState *state, GfxPath *path);
void doPath(cairo_t *cairo, GfxState *state, GfxPath *path);
GfxRGB fill_color, stroke_color;
cairo_pattern_t *fill_pattern, *stroke_pattern;
......@@ -214,8 +215,13 @@ protected:
GBool prescaleImages;
cairo_pattern_t *group;
cairo_pattern_t *shape;
cairo_pattern_t *mask;
cairo_surface_t *cairo_shape_surface;
cairo_t *cairo_shape;
int knockoutCount;
struct ColorSpaceStack {
GBool knockout;
GfxColorSpace *cs;
struct ColorSpaceStack *next;
} * groupColorSpaceStack;
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