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Add homed support

Adrian Vovk requested to merge AdrianVovk/accountsservice:homed into main

This integrates AccountsService w/ systemd-homed.

AccountsService can now:

  • Enumerate systemd-homed users
  • Detect when homed users are added/removed
  • Create homed users
  • Delete homed users

AccountsService cannot:

  • Mutate homed users in any way (needs some support from homed)
  • Change passwords (needs some support from homed)
  • Create users w/o a password (needs some support from homed) - the users we create have a password set to "" (a blank string)

Work done as part of my efforts in integrating GNOME w/ homed. See here to better track my progress

Closes #89

Edited by Adrian Vovk

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