Commit 4a07e3f8 authored by Rasmus Thomsen's avatar Rasmus Thomsen Committed by Ray Strode

meson: paths in config.h have to be quoted

parent 95f65400
Pipeline #4908 passed with stage
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......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ elif cc.has_header_symbol('paths.h', '_PATH_WTMPX')
config_h.set('PATH_WTMP', '_PATH_WTMPX')
assert(run_command('test', '-e', '/var/log/utx.log').returncode() == 0, 'Do not know which filename to watch for wtmp changes')
config_h.set('PATH_WTMP', '/var/log/utx.log')
config_h.set_quoted('PATH_WTMP', '/var/log/utx.log')
# compiler flags
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