1. 25 Apr, 2017 6 commits
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      ttmlparse: don't filter out untimed whitespace · b4d9d9d9
      Chris Bass authored
      Significant whitespace in elements that don't have begin/end values
      should inherit timing from its parent, or if no its parents have no
      timing, from the document's Root Temporal Extent. Currently, such
      whitespace is removed, which is not spec-compliant. Fix this by
      retaining whitespace in content nodes, and assigning a Root Temporal
      Extent of 24 hours to any significant whitespace whose parents have no
      associated timing.
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      ttml: correctly implement lineHeight behaviour · 0288ee24
      Chris Bass authored
      The specified behaviour in TTML when lineHeight is "normal" is different
      from the behaviour when a percentage is given. In the former case, the
      line height is a percentage (the TTML spec recommends 125%) of the largest
      font size that is applied to the spans within the block; in the latter
      case, the line height is the given percentage of the font size that is
      applied to the block itself.
      The code doesn't correctly implement this behaviour; this patch fixes
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