1. 23 Dec, 2015 8 commits
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    • Alex Ashley's avatar
      hlsdemux: tests: check URL joining if media URL contains a '/' character · ebf6de33
      Alex Ashley authored
      If the query parameter (for example
      check that m3u8.c correctly converts the relative URLs of the media
      playlists in to absolute URLs. It must not use the last '/' it finds in
      the URL, as according to RFC3986 the '/' character is allowed in
      the query part of the URL.
    • Alex Ashley's avatar
      hlsdemux: unquote all the quoted-string attributes · f6bff8f5
      Alex Ashley authored
      The URI attribute from the EXT-X-KEY tag and the URI attribute from the
      EXT-X-I-FRAMES-ONLY tag are both quoted-string attibutes that have their
      quotation marks removed during parsing. The CODECS attribute of the
      EXT-X-STREAM-INF is also a quoted-string attribute, but this attribute
      was not being un-quoted.
      This commit changes the parser to always unquote all quoted-string
      attributes and adjusts the unit tests to this new bevahiour for the
      CODECS attribute.
      An additional test is added to check that parsing of all of the fields
      in the EXT-X-STREAM tag is correct, including those that contain comma
    • Alex Ashley's avatar
      hlsdemux: tests: add unit tests for hlsdemux · eafdf567
      Alex Ashley authored
      Using the new GstAdaptiveDemux test framework, add tests that
      exercise hlsdemux. The following tests are added:
      A simple playlist that contains some media URLs
      A master playlist with a variant playlist that contains media URLs
      A master playlist that points to a missing variant playlist
      A master playlist with a variant playlist that contains media URLs
      There is a missing media file referenced from the variant playlist.
      A master playlist with a variant playlist that contains media URLs
      During the download of one media file, the test simulates the network
      connection being dropped.
      A simple test of trying to perform a seek on an HLS stream.
    • Alex Ashley's avatar
      dashdemux: tests: Refactor into adaptive_engine components · ae3ed250
      Alex Ashley authored
      To allow code from dash_demux.c to be used by other elements
      that are based upon GstAdaptiveDemux, the code has been
      refactored into four new files:
      The code in adaptive_demux_engine.c provides a generic
      test engine for elements based upon GstAdaptiveDemux.
      The code in adaptive_demux_common.c provides a set
      of utility functions that are common between the tests
      for hlsdemux and dashdemux.
      As part of the refactoring, variables in structures were
      renamed from using camelCase to underscore_case to match other
      GStreamer source code.
      The fake_http_src was renamed test_http_src and changed to use
      callbacks to provide input data and error conditions. Rather than
      using an array of input data that tries to encode all the
      possible use cases for the GstTestHTTPSrc element, use a struct of
      Users of this element are obliged to implement at least the src_start
      callback, which provides a way to link from a URI to the settings
      for that URI.
    • Matthew Marsh's avatar
      nvenc: fix high CPU use on initialization of multiple encoders at the same time · 0e34c02d
      Matthew Marsh authored
      We need a static lock to protect various NVENC methods in _set_format(). Without
      this the CPU use increases dramatically on initialisation of the element when
      there are multiple elements being initialised at the same time.
    • Thiago Santos's avatar
      hlsdemux: make sure every bad update_playlist return sets an error · a0721014
      Thiago Santos authored
      Otherwise it segfaults when reporting the error in the bus
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