Commit fa9b0318 authored by Florin Apostol's avatar Florin Apostol Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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dash: Correct check for valid timeShiftBufferDepth

If not set, the timeShiftBufferDepth has a default value of -1.
The standard says that this should be interpreted as infinite.

The gst_mpd_client_check_time_position function incorrectly compares
timeShiftBufferDepth with 0 instead of -1 to determine if it was set.
parent bf2f4f5c
......@@ -4570,7 +4570,7 @@ gst_mpd_client_check_time_position (GstMpdClient * client,
*diff = ts_microseconds - stream_now;
return 1;
if (client->mpd_node->timeShiftBufferDepth
if (client->mpd_node->timeShiftBufferDepth != -1
&& ts_microseconds <
stream_now - client->mpd_node->timeShiftBufferDepth) {
*diff = ts_microseconds - stream_now;
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