Commit dbf12ab7 authored by Florin Apostol's avatar Florin Apostol Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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dashdemux: Corrected duration argument for gst_mpd_client_add_media_segment call

The last parameter of gst_mpd_client_add_media_segment function is a
duration. But when called from gst_mpd_client_setup_representation, the
last argument was wrongly set to PeriodEnd
parent 93f08347
......@@ -3186,7 +3186,7 @@ gst_mpd_client_setup_representation (GstMpdClient * client,
GST_DEBUG ("No useful SegmentList node for the current Representation");
/* here we should have a single segment for each representation, whose URL is encoded in the baseURL element */
if (!gst_mpd_client_add_media_segment (stream, NULL, 1, 0, 0,
PeriodEnd - PeriodStart, PeriodStart, PeriodEnd)) {
PeriodEnd - PeriodStart, PeriodStart, PeriodEnd - PeriodStart)) {
return FALSE;
} else {
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