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- added info about divx related codecs

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- added info about divx related codecs
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Information gathered from the Internet, MPlayer and Xine
Mail me if there's any bull in there.
Bastien Nocera <>
DivX ;) = MS MPEG-4 v3 = Angel Potion = nAVI
fourcc: MP43, DIV5, DIV6, DIV3, DIV4, AP41
supported: FFMPEG (all platforms), libavifile (uses FFMPEG), win32 libraries
OpenDivX = ISO MPEG-4 v2 = DivX4
supported: FFMPEG's OpenDivX, Project Mayo's OpenDivX, win32 libraries
MS MPEG-4 v1/v2
DIV2, MPG4, MP42
supported: win32 libraries only
fourcc: 3IV1
supported: see
For non-x86 machines, the easiest is to compile a recent libavifile (ie. > 0.6.0). It's the plugin that works best for AVI files under GStreamer.
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