Commit beab3845 authored by Haihua Hu's avatar Haihua Hu Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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glupload: passthrough composition caps features in directviv upload
parent 142469ab
......@@ -1267,8 +1267,13 @@ _directviv_upload_transform_caps (gpointer impl, GstGLContext * context,
gst_caps_unref (ret);
ret = tmp;
} else {
ret = gst_caps_from_string (GST_VIDEO_CAPS_MAKE_WITH_FEATURES
GstCaps *tmp;
tmp = gst_caps_from_string (GST_VIDEO_CAPS_MAKE_WITH_FEATURES
ret =
_set_caps_features_with_passthrough (tmp,
gst_caps_unref (tmp);
gst_caps_features_free (passthrough);
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