Commit 8cd65c32 authored by Ilya Konstantinov's avatar Ilya Konstantinov Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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applemedia: CMBlockBuffer can be non-contiguous

CMBlockBufferGetDataLength would return the entire data length, while
size of individual blocks can be smaller. Iterate over the block buffer
and add the individual (possibly non-contiguous) memory blocks.
parent dbf12ab7
......@@ -152,18 +152,23 @@ gst_core_media_buffer_wrap_block_buffer (GstBuffer * buf,
OSStatus status;
gchar *data = NULL;
UInt32 size;
status = CMBlockBufferGetDataPointer (block_buf, 0, 0, 0, &data);
if (status != noErr) {
return FALSE;
size_t offset = 0, length_at_offset, total_length;
/* CMBlockBuffer can contain multiple non-continuous memory blocks */
do {
status =
CMBlockBufferGetDataPointer (block_buf, offset, &length_at_offset,
&total_length, &data);
if (status != kCMBlockBufferNoErr) {
return FALSE;
size = CMBlockBufferGetDataLength (block_buf);
gst_buffer_append_memory (buf,
gst_memory_new_wrapped (GST_MEMORY_FLAG_NO_SHARE, data,
length_at_offset, 0, length_at_offset, NULL, NULL));
gst_buffer_append_memory (buf,
gst_memory_new_wrapped (GST_MEMORY_FLAG_NO_SHARE, data,
size, 0, size, NULL, NULL));
offset += length_at_offset;
} while (offset < total_length);
return TRUE;
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