Commit 6eb36406 authored by Chris Bass's avatar Chris Bass Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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ttmlparse: Fix potential resource leak identified by coverity.

If multiple styles/regions with the same ID are present in the input
(which is not allowed in TTML), use the last and give a warning.

Fixes CID #1405134.
parent 9e3b63e1
......@@ -1306,8 +1306,9 @@ ttml_filter_content_nodes (GNode * node)
/* Store child elements of @node with name @element_name in @table, as long as
* @table doesn't already contain an element with the same ID. */
/* Store in @table child elements of @node with name @element_name. A child
* element with the same ID as an existing entry in @table will overwrite the
* existing entry. */
static void
ttml_store_unique_children (xmlNodePtr node, const gchar * element_name,
GHashTable * table)
......@@ -1317,11 +1318,15 @@ ttml_store_unique_children (xmlNodePtr node, const gchar * element_name,
for (ptr = node->children; ptr; ptr = ptr->next) {
if (xmlStrcmp (ptr->name, (const xmlChar *) element_name) == 0) {
TtmlElement *element = ttml_parse_element (ptr);
gboolean new_key;
if (element)
if (!g_hash_table_contains (table, element->id))
g_hash_table_insert (table, (gpointer) (element->id),
(gpointer) element);
if (element) {
new_key = g_hash_table_insert (table, g_strdup (element->id), element);
if (!new_key)
GST_CAT_WARNING (ttmlparse_debug,
"Document contains two %s elements with the same ID (\"%s\").",
element_name, element->id);
......@@ -1762,9 +1767,9 @@ ttml_parse (const gchar * input, GstClockTime begin, GstClockTime duration)
GST_CAT_LOG (ttmlparse_debug, "Input:\n%s", input);
styles_table = g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal, NULL,
styles_table = g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal, g_free,
(GDestroyNotify) ttml_delete_element);
regions_table = g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal, NULL,
regions_table = g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal, g_free,
(GDestroyNotify) ttml_delete_element);
/* Parse input. */
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