Commit 1d0f9a7f authored by Scott D Phillips's avatar Scott D Phillips Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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msdk: use a dummy.cpp file to force c++ linking

Add a dummy.cpp file to force c++ linking as required by libmfx.a.
I'm certain that the meson build worked for me in the past, but I
have no idea how it could have, looking at it now.
parent da5b0d7a
/* This file exists to force C++ linking of the msdk plugin in the meson build,
* as required by libmfx.a. It can be removed when we depend on a version of
* meson which has a fix for */
......@@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ msdk_sources = [
'dummy.cpp', # This forces C++ linking of gstmsdk, which is
# required by libmfx.a. This can be removed when we
# depend on a version of meson that has a fix for
if host_machine.system() == 'windows'
......@@ -25,7 +29,7 @@ msdk_root = run_command(python3, '-c', 'import os; print(os.environ.get("INTELME
if msdk_root != ''
msdk_libdir = [msdk_root + '/lib/lin_x64', msdk_root + '/lib/x64']
msdk_incdir = include_directories(msdk_root + '/include')
msdk_lib = cc.find_library('mfx', dirs: msdk_libdir, required: false)
msdk_lib = cxx.find_library('mfx', dirs: msdk_libdir, required: false)
if host_machine.system() == 'windows'
legacy_stdio_dep = cc.find_library('legacy_stdio_definitions', required: false)
d3d11_dep = cc.find_library('d3d11', required: false)
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