Commit 11150e3b authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne
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glimagesink: Don't leak pool

gst_query_add_allocation_pool is transfer none. Also unref
if there was a configuration error.
parent 0ca354eb
......@@ -1530,11 +1530,14 @@ gst_glimage_sink_propose_allocation (GstBaseSink * bsink, GstQuery * query)
config = gst_buffer_pool_get_config (pool);
gst_buffer_pool_config_set_params (config, caps, size, 0, 0);
if (!gst_buffer_pool_set_config (pool, config))
if (!gst_buffer_pool_set_config (pool, config)) {
g_object_unref (pool);
goto config_failed;
/* we need at least 2 buffer because we hold on to the last one */
gst_query_add_allocation_pool (query, pool, size, 2, 0);
g_object_unref (pool);
if (glimage_sink->context->gl_vtable->FenceSync)
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