Commit 7dbf73ca authored by Timur Kristóf's avatar Timur Kristóf
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radv/llvm: Emit s_barrier at the beginning of NGG non-GS shaders.

This is to fix a hang that can potentially happen when not every
wave had launched when a gs_alloc_req is executed.

Cc: mesa-stable
Signed-off-by: Timur Kristóf's avatarTimur Kristóf <>
parent eeb4ecc3
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......@@ -3076,6 +3076,10 @@ ac_translate_nir_to_llvm(struct ac_llvm_compiler *ac_llvm, struct nir_shader *co
LLVMSetInitializer(ctx.gs_ngg_scratch, LLVMGetUndef(asi32));
LLVMSetAlignment(ctx.gs_ngg_scratch, 4);
/* GFX10 hang workaround - there needs to be an s_barrier before gs_alloc_req always */
if ( == GFX10 && shader_count == 1)
for (int shader_idx = 0; shader_idx < shader_count; ++shader_idx) {
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