Commit 40b53a72 authored by Eric Engestrom's avatar Eric Engestrom 💤 Committed by Christian König
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xvmc: fix string comparison

Fixes: 6fca1869

 "g3dvl: Update XvMC unit tests."
Cc: Younes Manton <>
Signed-off-by: Eric Engestrom's avatarEric Engestrom <>
parent 110a6e18
......@@ -123,11 +123,11 @@ void ParseArgs(int argc, char **argv, struct Config *config)
while (token && !fail)
if (strcmp(token, "i"))
if (strcmp(token, "i") == 0)
config->mb_types |= MB_TYPE_I;
else if (strcmp(token, "p"))
else if (strcmp(token, "p") == 0)
config->mb_types |= MB_TYPE_P;
else if (strcmp(token, "b"))
else if (strcmp(token, "b") == 0)
config->mb_types |= MB_TYPE_B;
fail = 1;
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