Commit c12778ec authored by Marco Trevisan's avatar Marco Trevisan Committed by Bastien Nocera
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tests/fprintd: Verify that each enroll stage happens

Instead of automatically replying with the 'whorl' image for every enroll
state signal with result 'enroll-stage-passed', only perform the number
of required enroll stages and ensure that we get the expected results.

This also will allow to manually perform enroll steps in other tests.
parent dbabd4d7
...@@ -307,8 +307,9 @@ class FPrintdVirtualDeviceTest(FPrintdTest): ...@@ -307,8 +307,9 @@ class FPrintdVirtualDeviceTest(FPrintdTest):
self._abort = params[1] self._abort = params[1]
self._last_result = params[0] self._last_result = params[0]
if not self._abort and self._last_result == 'enroll-stage-passed': if not self._abort and self._last_result.startswith('enroll-'):
self.send_image('whorl') # Exit wait loop, onto next enroll state (if any)
self._abort = True
elif self._abort: elif self._abort:
pass pass
else: else:
...@@ -354,8 +355,13 @@ class FPrintdVirtualDeviceTest(FPrintdTest): ...@@ -354,8 +355,13 @@ class FPrintdVirtualDeviceTest(FPrintdTest):
def enroll_image(self, img, finger='right-index-finger'): def enroll_image(self, img, finger='right-index-finger'):
self.device.EnrollStart('(s)', finger) self.device.EnrollStart('(s)', finger)
stages = self.device.get_cached_property('num-enroll-stages').unpack()
for stage in range(stages):
self.send_image(img) self.send_image(img)
self.wait_for_result() if stage < stages - 1:
self.device.EnrollStop() self.device.EnrollStop()
self.assertEqual(self._last_result, 'enroll-completed') self.assertEqual(self._last_result, 'enroll-completed')
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